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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 23, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the 900-pound statue of joe paterno removed from penn state. bundled under a blanket and headed to an undisclosed location. now, this morning, unprecedented sanctions against the school and the football program. and jackson family mystery. michael's mom reported missing. who had her? where was she? and why is michaels's daughter paris saying she hasn't talked to her in a week. inside the growing family feud. good morning, everyone. welcome back, robin. boy, we're learning so much more now about what was behind that movie theater massacre. there is james holmes there. he makes his first court appearance today. investigators are focused on one question. how did he go from a ph.d. candidate to masterminding one of the worst shootings in u.s. hi history?
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we have so many stories of heroism emerging from that terrible night. including those who did whatever they could to protect their loved ones. we are remember those 12 victims this morning. people in aurora mourning them in an emotional vigil last night. you see the 12 crosses already set up. from across the movie theater. i was touched last night, after each victim's name was read, everyone said, we will remember. >> we will remember. >> and we will. >> you saw the crosses there. greg zanis, the man who set them up after the columbine massacre, drove 16 hours to set them up there from illinois. we're going to go to david muir. on is scene since friday. he's outside the courthouse where james holmes is expected to make his first appearance today. good morning, david. >> reporter: they're expecting to see the suspect's face for first time today. we're told he's being held in isolation.
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he'll be taken through an underground tunnel to the courthouse behind me. so many people will be studying his face, his demeanor. that dyed hair. wondering how he could have changed so much there the video you're about to see this morning. >> a better game than rock, paper, scissors. >> reporter: for if first time in this exclusive video obtained by abc news, we see and hear james holmes. >> hello, i'm james. >> reporter: a thin teenager in and oversized shirt, wearing a hint of a smile. the video taken six years ago. he was at a summer science camp. the woman introducing him describing an intelligent teenager with a future. >> he enjoys playing soccer and strategy games an his -- and his dream is to own a slurpee machine. >> reporter: authorities are asking, what changed him? this morning, abc news is learning more about the suspect. just last month, he allegedly
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applied online for a membership to a local gun range. he said on the application he did not use drugs nor was he a convicted felon. the range owner called him several times to invite him to orientation. he says holmes never called back. he said the message on his phone was bizarre, freakish. the police chief revealing to us that the suspect's parents are remaining silent. >> they're not talking to us right now. maybe that will change. but they're not talking to us right now. >> reporter: how tough will it be for this community to see the suspect in court? >> he's harmed so many people. not only the victims but their extended families. i think it will be very hard. >> reporter: the police chief telling me they're getting significant help from the fbi behavioral analysts that have been called in to look at the suspect's past. trying to figure out how he changed so much from that video
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you saw there. this is just a court appearance today. >> thanks, david. thousands gathered at the vigil last night. the president oke to the families of the victims. the crowd sang "amazing grace." this morning, we're learning more about the 12 people who lost their lives. dan harris is outside the university of colorado medical center with much more. good morning, dan. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. behind me is 1 of 4 hospitals where the victims are still being treated. of the latest count, 24 victims in the various hospitals. 58 of them in critical condition. meanwhile, in this city named after the roman goddess of the dawn, they're trying to turn the page, making sure they're not defined by one madman. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: it is an event we see too often in america. a candlelight vigil for the victims of a mass shooting. here in this city that just
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seven months ago was named one of the safest in america. as we waded through the crowd of thousands, we saw conspicuous security, lots of batman shirts, and many parents with children. part of the message here is there was one really bad guy does not overrule a lot of very good people. >> yeah, i mean, terrible things happen all the time. as long as we stand together, then love can outdo the hate. >> reporter: the president spent time with victims in the hospital. >> i come to them not so much as president as i do as a father and as a husband. >> reporter: over the weekend, we learned the names and the stories of the 12 dead. they worked at red robin, subway, and target. they were current and former members of the armed services, some of whom survived war zones only to die at the movies. the oldest, 51, was gordon cowden, an outdoorsman and small businessman.
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the youngest, 6, was veronica moser-sullivan who had just learned how to swim. >> she was always happy. she always wanted to meet new people, try new things. >> reporter: her mother, ashley, was shot, too. she's in critical condition. and she is pregnant. ashley moser is, we're told, aware of and distraught over the loss of her 6-year-old daughter. even though she was hit twice this the abdomen, there are conflicting reports about whether the baby in her belly is alive, george. as you might imagine, these are extremely anxious hours for her family. >> they certainly are. let's get more now on what we're learning once police were able to get inside james holmes' apartment. pierre thomas has been on this from the start. pierre, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. police sources are describing james holmes as a mad scientist. a calculating killer who
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transformed his home into a bomb factory. a death trap. just inside the 800-square foot apartment was a wire. running about waist high. placed there to set off a bomb. a diabolical, potentially deadly surprise for whoever crossed it. >> this apartment was designed to kill whoever entered it. >> reporter: the improvised explosive device was composed of two liquids that, if combined, investigators believer, would have ignited. >> it was a sophisticated device. >> reporter: the living room floor was also covered with 30 potential bombs, each connected to a control panel in the kitchen with a spaghetti-like tangle of wires. the plan, to set off a chain reaction of explosions, unleashing fire and carnage. potentially enough to blow up his apartment. >> it was an extremely dangerous environment. >> reporter: there were scores of bullets and accelerants, including ten gallons of gasoline. look at the fireball created
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when police disposed of it. before police set foot in the apartment, the bombs had to be disarmed. [ explosion ] that is police setting off a small explosion to make it safe to enter. inside, a potential break that could answer the question of why. authorities recovered a computer and sources tell us, more evidence of his batman obsession. a variety of batman paraphernalia. including a poster and mask from the comic book series. local police, the fbi, and atf hope the computer will give them the break they've been looking for. insight into why holmes went to the dark side. george? >> thanks, pierre. we're joined by dan abrams and marisa randazzo, a research scientist with the fbi. holmes has lawyered up. not cooperating. what more can we expect from the defense team after that court appearance today?
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>> on tuesday, the police said they'll give the defense team access to the crime scene, the movie theater. that's pretty unusual that the defense gets access before the owners get the property back. it lets them see the crime scene. it shows you how the authorities are trying to bend over backwards. to make sure that the defense is given every opportunity, they're doing everything by the books in connection to this case. >> i want to talk to marisa now. young moan, so often, the first suspects in these mass killings. we're just getting some clues now about james holmes and his background. from what we learned so far, how does he fit the profile of other mass killers? >> well, you know, that's really it. there is no profile of these killers. these are folks that range -- it can be women and men. a range of ages. i'll tell you something we have seen across the board, that is in most of these cases, these are not what you would call a psychopath or a sociopath.
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as hard as it may be to believe. these are people who are not people who have lifelong callous disregard for other people. criminal violations and the like. they are often folks that, up until this point, have been functioning fairly normally. but went through a series of events, a series of losses, ended up in despair or desperation. >> do we know anything about -- those kinds of losses affect so many of us. most people don't turn into killers. do we know anything about the underlying conditions or psychology? >> that's an excellent point. what we have seen in so many of these cases in the past, these come out after the attackers have gone through multiple major losses that really overwhelm someone's normal ability to cope. in some cases, there may be other issues, like undiagnosed mental illness.
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now one thing we do know about this age group, he's 24, sometimes major mental i illnesses, sometimes involving delusions will develop in this age group. late adolescence or early 20s. >> underlying mental illness doesn't mean that an insanity defense will be successful. >> people look at this and say, there must have been something wrong with this guy. and number two, there's so much evidence against him, you think, what other defense might he have? the insanity defense is really tough. you have to demonstrate you didn't understand what you were doing was wrong. and just look at the basics of what we know right now. he was claiming to be the joker. the joker is a bad guy who is doing wrong and doing harm. and that, in and of itself, will be a real problem. insanity defenses are really tough. >> okay, thank you very much. now to real-life heroes and so many stories of heroism in the face of horror.
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people rushing to help those right beside them when the gunman opened fire in that movie theater. david wright has the story. >> reporter: as sure as there was a real-life villain inside that theater, there were real-life heroes, too. >> i don't think this story has been heard. >> reporter: the president mentioned to women by name. >> alli young and stephanie davies. >> reporter: two friends who went to the movies together. they sat by the door where the gunman started his attack. >> alli stood up. she was shot in the neck. it punctured a vein. stephanie, 21 years old, had the presence of mind to drop down on the ground with her, pull her out of the aisle, apply pressure the entire time while the gunman was still shooting. >> reporter: stephanie never left alli's side. holding her wound with one hand and dialing 911 with the other.
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>> and because of stephanie's timely actions, i just had a conversation with alli downstairs. and she's going to be fine. >> reporter: pierce o'farrill and carey rottman survived by splitting up. carey thought his friend was dead. >> it seemed like he was very lifeless at that point. so i let him go. >> and so he left me. he thought i died. >> reporter: just three weeks ago, pierce performed carey's wedding ceremony. >> the worst part for me was thinking that my buddy had passed away. >> reporter: both men wounded. taken to separate hospitals. but they survived. >> the lord decided to keep me around. >> reporter: in the movies, the heroes seem to be bullet-proof. real life, not so much. in fact, just across the street from the theater, right over there, they set up the makeshift memorial. 12 simple white crosses, one for each of the dead. robin? >> david, thank you very much.
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we turn to josh elliott for the other top stories. that are develop lg right now. we bring you the penn state community. they're bracing for yet another major blow today. one day after school officials took down the statue of former coach joe paterno, the university is about to learn its punishment for turning an institutional blind eye to the child abuse scandal. jim avila has more. good morning to you, jim. >> reporter: good morning, josh. that ugly blue tarp-covered fence is all that's left of the larger than life joe paterno statue. like his pristine reputation, gone. another sad day here. perhaps joe pa would not have wanted to see what the ncaa is about to do to his beloved football program anyway. 900 pounds of bronze was not strong enough to overcome the penn state sex abuse scandal. on sunday, famed nittany lions
7:15 am
coach joe paterno had his statue removed from outside the football stadium. for now, hidden in an undisclosed location. penn state's president said the statue is a source of division and an obstacle to healing in the university and beyond. not everyone agrees. >> i'm disappointed at the university. i feel they gave into pressure, instead of stepping up and making their own decision. >> reporter: six months ago, mourners grieved their hero. meanwhile, jerry sandusky, the man convicted of sexually abusing young children sits in prison nearby. the university's decision comes as the ncaa is about to announce unprecedented measures. espn has learned that penn state is expected to lose several scholarships and be banned from bowl games for more than a year. >> this is about a university,
7:16 am
penn stating being so blinded in its love for football, that even now, it cannot come to grips with punishing itself. >> reporter: clearly, the ncaa believes that the wound here is so deep, major surgery is needed, not just a band-aid. josh? >> and jim, i know when the penalties are announced, you'll have the very latest for us. thank you, jim avila. a blown tire is being blamed for a crash near san antonio that killed 13 people, including 3 children. they were among 23 people crammed into the pickup you see there. it appears they had just crossed the border from mexico. and a violent scene on the streets of anaheim, california. police firing bean bags and pepper spray to break up a crowd of rock-throwing protesters, furious about the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man on saturday. at one point, a police dog attacked a man. biting him in the arm.
7:17 am
police say the dog accidentally escaped from a patrol car. twofer -- two officers involved have been removed from their assignments. a tourist in greenland trying to get an up-close view of a glacier when something unexpected happened. a wall of water. that is an iceberg tsunami hurtling toward the boat. the drive wasted no time. he floors it. they're out of there. they escape with just seconds to spare. take a look at nature's beauty transformed into nature's wrath in one repark -- remarkable moment. >> he got out of there in a hurry. first check of the weather. good morning, sam. >> from icebergs to heat. heat is back in the middle of the country. it starts to swing east. look at the numbers this morning. chicago, 97, near record. kansas city, 104, denver about 100. oklahoma city, 102. all are near records today. all have heat watches, warnings, and advisories out.
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that area of high pressure continues to be the pressure cooker for the heat right in the middle of the country. we have the drought problems. three days, most of the cities stay at or above 100 degrees.
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>> selected cities bought to you by viva paper towels. here's where the strong storms are rolling today. we're going talk more about that in the next half hour. it will fire up later in new york state. >> and more hail coming, too. thanks, sam. coming up on "gma," police say they believe the two little girls who vanished in iowa were abducted and are alive. robin talks to the parents of one girl just ahead. in an abc news exclusive. plus, jackson family mystery. where is michael's mom? new details from inside the escalating family feud. and facelift in a flash. results like botox and no injections and no high prices. is this hot new beauty treatment
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north 7th street is cordoned off at washington street with police cars and crime scene tape after bodies of a man and woman were found in a home. police were called to the scene by neighbors. police have no suspect information. police spokesman says it is possible the shooter could still be in the area they are searching. >> right now let's check with frances. a lot of issues today. >> not at the bay bridge toll right now. very short wait, metering lights on. there is an injury crash reported or possible injury crash reported south bay a traffic spotter reported it 20 minutes ago. it is eastbound 237 at the great america parkway, the slowing is in the westbound direction. looks like the left lanes are blocked eastbound traffic heavy from 880. >> meteorologist lisa
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good morning. from our sutro camera nice shot marine layer disrupted this morning due to a system to our east we get sunshine cool air in the east bay 59 in oakland, thunderstorms in the
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inside the jackson family mystery. paris there with her grandmother, so why is paris now saying she hasn't seen her in a week? katherine jackson, and she wants her home now. we'll go inside the jackson family feud. >> a lot of conflicting reports over the weekend. also, robin, the quickest facelift ever. believe it. a simple beauty treatment that promises results likes botox. what about the price? >> it's just $25, george. and "bachelorette" emily y maynard and her fiance, jef
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holm, will be here to talk us to. right now, more on the stunning new developments in the case of the two missing little girls in iowa. after ten days, investigators don't know where they are. now they believe they're alive. abc's alex perez has the latest from iowa. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. officials have determined the girls are not in this lake. they're hoping someone at the lake the day day disappeared may have the answers they need. ten days into the hunt to find 8-year-old elizabeth collins and her 10-year-old cousin, lyric cook, authorities are pleading with the public. >> we're urging anyone with information to come forward. any information, as insignificant as it may seem, could be vital. >> reporter: the girls' bikes were found on a trail near the
7:31 am
lake. >> don't assume we know what you know. >> reporter: over the weekend, a glimmer of hope, after authorities make a stunning announcement. >> we believe these girls are alive. we're not discouraged by the passage of time since their disappearance. >> reporter: investigators, also for the first time, say they're pursuing persons of interest in the case. after initially cooperating, and taking polygraph tests, lyric's family says they're seeking legal advice. they've both been convicted of felony charges and have served time behind bars. could something this their past have caused this? >> i can't rule that out, no. yes, something in their past could have. >> reporter: elizabeth and lyric disappeared around noon on friday the 13th. as the small town december rattly wait for answers, they
7:32 am
hope this nightmare will come in an end with the girls back home. authorities will not say why they believe the girls are still alive. this investigation has gone from a missing persons case to an abducti abduction. robin? >> joining us, heather and drew collins. they're 8-year-old daughter elizabeth is one of the two missing girls. we're thinking of you and all the families involved. and it must have brought you some measure of comfort when the fbi told you that they believed that your little girl and her cousin are alive. have they told you why they believe that is the case? >> they told us they do have a couple of leads. and -- that is it. anything is hopeful. just the lake being drained and, you know, not seeing their bodies in there, that was a r relief.
7:33 am
>> have they told you anything more about the investigation, drew? >> no. no, they just said leads are continue to pour in and they're following all leads. >> i know you have been asked by them over and over again, who could have done something like this? can you think of anything, anyone who would want to take your daughter and her cousin? >> no. >> no. >> not a single, single clue. >> did they often play together, ride bikes together? >> yeah, every day. it was usually just like up and down our block. it was never this far. it's 1.5 miles from our house. it was never that far. >> you and other family members, the majority of the families have been cooperative, 100%, the police say you are helping. there's been a lot sate about lyric's parents. and -- are you concerned that if not everyone is fully cooperating, that will slow down the process in finding your daughter and lyric?
7:34 am
>> of course. when they don't have fuel cooperation, their focus has to be on other -- other issues. rather than on the girls being found. that's our main -- that's our main concern, our main focus is bringing the girls home. >> we know that the police, and fbi, are saying this is likely an abduction. and part of the reason you're joining us is you want to be able to, if somebody is holing your daughter and holing her cousin, what do you want to say to them? >> take them somewhere safe. to a gas station, target, just take them anywhere, we miss them dearly. >> heather and drew collins, thank you very much. hopefully, you'll get good news very soon. thank you both. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> we hope the girls turn up safe, soon. an amazing survival story. an afternoon of errands took a turn for one woman.
7:35 am
the truck in front of her stopped short and dozens of poles crashed through her windshield. >> reporter: take a good look at this car, if you're imagining there's though way the driver made it out alive, state troopers were thinking the same thing when they arrived on the scene. >> the first memory i have is i feel like i woke up and i was chewing glass. >> reporter: her name is erin bronze. witnesses believe she's a cau walking, talking miracle. >> she's extremely lucky. >> reporter: it was supposed to be an ordinary day. she was out shopping for a child's birthday present when suddenly, a truck in front of her stopped, she didn't. jamming a massive bundle of 27-foot-long wooding poles straight into her windshield and out the back window. her head was directly in the path. >> the side, it was lat rated.
7:36 am
i'm not sure if that shows any of that. >> reporter: she showed us the stitches alongside her head where doctors pulled out 200 splinters and the more severe wound in front, where her skull was pushed back inside her head. a bone from her hip was used to patch it up. the slet t chunk of pole didn't make it through to her brain. >> i feel great. >> reporter: she believes she's been given a second chance at life. >> i have this opportunity to live my life. i do plan to live it every single day. f . >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, washington. >> you look at it, look at it, look at it, don't know how it's possible. >> you're like, uh huh, nope, nothing's living out of that. we're going to show you the dust storms. wait, before we go to the video.
7:37 am
i had this all planned out. no, no, see, okay, well, all right. no, no, it's too late now. thanks, denise, it's too late. i was going to say, this is about 2,000 feet up. looking at that. when you look at it from the outside, do you wonder what it looks like on the inside? that's when we were going to roll to the picture you already saw. imagine leaving the wide open. it would have been better the other way. here's where the storms will be going today. we're going to watch some big, powerful rainmakers. the dry storms kick up the dust storms. ringing this area where the rain is not so heavy. from flagstaff to denver, some intense moisture. atlanta, 93, rale
7:38 am
>> what is that noise i hear? is that denise being thrown under the bus? what did she do? >> all that weather brought to you by usaa. >> a little cranky on monday. he'll take a nap later. coming up, where is michael jackson's mother, who had her, why is she reported missing? inside the growing family feud. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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we have new detail this is morning about this weekend's report that michael jackson's mother went missing. she's 82 years old, the guardian of michael's three children. nick watt is in los angeles with all the latest. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, the clan matriarch disappeared days after the jackson family continued to say there was drama swirling around his death. it's three years since michael jackson died. late saturday night, his mum, katherine, who is raising his kids, was reported missing. sunday morning, paris tweeted --
7:43 am
my grandmother is missing. i haven't spoken to her in a week. i want her home now. >> we took down a report. we've been attempting to contact her. >> reporter: howard mann is her business partner and family friend. have row tried to contact her. >>? >> reporter: called her? >> called the home, her cell phone, nothing. >> reporter: jermaine jackson said his mother is in arizona with his sister. she's merely an 82-year-old woman following doctor's order to rest up. is there a division within the family? >> absolutely. >> reporter: paris took to twitter. the same doctor that testified on behalf of dr. murray saying my father was a drug addict is taking care of my grandmother. just saying.
7:44 am
michael's siblings, who got nothing, said the will was fake and fraudulent. your actions are affecting her health. we've just found out she recently has a ministroke. the jacksons are united in wanting the executors to resign. internal intrigue we can only imagine. trying to work out this estate pulled a previous close family apart. >> absolutely. >> reporter: michael jackson wanted his kids to grow up free from the prying of the media. that wish is not coming true. and last night, the sheriff's department confirmed they have spoke on the katherine jackson. they say she's okay and with a family member. george? >> that is good news. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and inside the quickest facelift ever. are results like botox without a
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here's "the play of the day." >> all right, so much to choose there. we have two for you today. a little bo-fer for you. 88 members of the pearls of russia. a women's sky-diving team, pulling off a lovely red, white, and blue flower formation as it comes together out of a plane near moscow. it's a new world record for women's far chuparachuting. this is after two failed attempts. >> come up with another word. >> imperfect attempt. they join up. look how luvovely that is befor they hurt toll the earth's surface safely. breaking a record, a german team
7:50 am
with 84 members. the pleasures of being a parent. >> i don't need you. >> i don't need you daddy. >> i need you! >> i don't need you. >> i need you. >> i don't need you. >> oh. which is to say, my very near future. >> she's smiling there. >> i need you, i need you, i don't need you. >> wow, let i go. emily maynard needed. did she find? that is next. [ man ] ever year, sophia and i use the points we earn with our citi thankyou card for a relaxing vacation. ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thank youpoints
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hd 3.
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7:54 am
7:55 am
president obama and mitt romney are both in san francisco this morning for separate fundraising events mr. obama will head to reno this morning before returning for two appearances in oakland this evening. romney tended three fundraisers yesterday and will leave for southern california this morning.
7:56 am
we can see the sun. 60s and 50s, this disrupting our marine layer to get a good dose of cooler air inland 90 concord, 80 san jose, mid 60s in the city. bay bridge toll light now not much of a wait. southbound 280 very heavy approaching 380 this earlier accident is on the shoulder seven cars on the right hand side. the news continues now with "good morning america." have a great
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] and no doubt a big happy crowd in times square on monday morning. >> from north carolina, that big group. they've been traveling together for 28 years. >> they are rocking to "settle down," from no doubt. they're going to be in central park on friday. it's going to be live. we're going to have so much fun. we have a lot, though, coming up today. starting off the week we have bachelorette emily. she gave out the final rose last night. and now she and jef, her new fiance, will join us live to
8:00 am
talk all about it. we'll get behind the scenes details. find out what's ahead. we've got some smiles this morning. maybe there'll be some smiles for this. how can you look ten years younger, no surgery, no botox, and just wait for it. $25. >> wait a second. what is she doing there? >> it's kind of a braid with a comb that kind of pulls. >> it has something to do with your face. >> the fastest facelift ever. >> looking forward to that. also on the program this morning, going inside one of the flashiest roller coasters on the planet. it's a brand-new scream machine that will take you to maximum speed in two seconds. and we have your ticket to ride this morning. also ahead, dr. oz behind closed doors of one of the nation's top hospitals. he's going to reveal the life saving lessons that anyone can learn from his recent
8:01 am
colonoscopy. he was the patient in this one. we'll find out what he was like as a patient. >> a bit ornery, dr. oz. good morning, we're going to begin with the latest on the movie theater shooting in colorado. abc news has obtained the video you see here. that is james holmes at a science cam six years ago. abc news learned he was denied membership at a gun range last month because of what the owner there called bizarre behavior. friday's death toll could have been higher had holmes' rifle not jammed. meanwhile, thousands gathered at a vigil last night to honor the victims and to comfort grieving families. abc's david muir is in aurora where he's set to make his first appearance. >> he's in isolation at the county jail. this will be the first time this community still suffering so much pain after this tragedy will get a chance to see james holmes. he'll be taken in an underground tunnel into the courthouse here
8:02 am
behind me. because there are so many people expected to turn out there's been an overflow room set up so they can watch the proceeding as well. he is likely to face multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder though we're not expecting he'll be charged today. this is simply his first hearing where a judge will explain what he's being charged with and why he's actually being held here at the county jail. we'll be here following it and back with you later. josh, back to you. >> again, abc news will bring you holmes' court appearance later this morning. logon to on yahoo! to learn more about the victims, the heroes and the investigation. the ncaa is fining penn state university $60 million for covering up the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. just yesterday the school took down the statue of former coach joe paterno. in addition to the fine, the school will be banned from bowl games for the next four years and will lose 20 scholarships per year over that period. penn state has also been stripped of all of its wins since 1998 including two
8:03 am
conference championships. overseas, this has been the deadliest day in iraq since u.s. troops withdrew last year. at least 82 people have been killed in a series of attacks including 13 iraqi soldiers shot when their base was attacked. a rough morning on wall street. stocks plummeted more than 200 points after the opening bell this morning in part because of new concerns about the european debt crisis. bank stocks are among the hardest hit today. citigroup has already fallen more than 2%. a weekend chore turning into a nightmare for a new jersey woman. take a look. leaving this car wash when she hit the gas instead of the brake. driving straight into the hackensack river. as you can see there. if you notice, that car wash employee and the customer jumping in to rescue her. thankfully, her window was halfway down. they were able to pull her out before the car sank. again -- >> how quickly they acted. >> -- quick moments. in those moments, heroism. >> i think we need some "pop news."
8:04 am
>> my pleasure. great to see you. good morning to you all. we begin with david hasselhoff. he celebrated the big 6-0 with a big bash this weekend in beverly hills. his girlfriend, hayley roberts, joined cast members from "night rider" and "baywatch" to toast the ageless actor. it's been a good year for the hoff. we hear he will throw on the red trunks once again for a cameo in the upcoming "bay watch" movie due next year. and as reported on "gaa," his advertising campaign in cumberland farm stores in rhode island so popular they can't keep cardboard cut-outs of the hoff available in stores. people keep stealing them. so far 550 of them have been pinched. seems everyone wants a piece of the hoff. >> that's 550 of 570. truly, they are all gone. >> he's a wanted man. >> i bet they find them all in one apartment. >> that would be very, very disturbing. happy birthday, hoff. more good news this morning.
8:05 am
looks like lindsay lohan's comeback continues. as we reported, she just wrapped a lifetime movie where she's getting good reviews for her elizabeth taylor. now there are pictures of lindsay on the set of her newest project, a feature film called "the canyon." it's a thriller about five 20-somethings dealing with love and ambition in l.a. the director directs the characters as beautiful people doing bad things in nice rooms. >> that pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? >> did you notice? namaste. folks going over to watch the olympic games in london will be able to engage in the royal watching. reports now say william, kate, and harry are scheduled to be at several events throughout the entire games including field hockey, because kate played in school. water polo because william played at university. and beach volleyball for harry because, why wouldn't he watch beach volleyball? >> water polo, beach volleyball. that's a great way to spend an
8:06 am
afternoon. >> not bad at all. >> he loves a woman in uniform. if you're feeling a little slothlike as you wake up this monday, frankly, who isn't, meet sharkey. he was born two months ago. at a zoo in the netherlands. when his mom couldn't produce enough milk, it was trouble. it was the zookeeper's daughter who came up with the solution. hand-feeding nearly impossible because of the claws. she gave sharkey her teddy bear. he can claw that as the zoo keepers feed him without getting severely injured. yeah. we wanted to share those pictures with you. a sloth-like monday morning. "pop news" is out. >> can we get one more namaste? >> always. nama-go. >> let's get to sam. good morning, everybody! that's right. i think the entire town of concord, north carolina, is here, by the way. what town are you from? >> lehighton, pennsylvania. >> we're right in the middle. you realize north carolina has taken over here. north carolina has taken over
8:07 am
the audience this morning. one or two things going on we want to tell you about. we'll show you a live shot of new york city. powerful storms rumbling north in new york state. barely missing the city this morning. we think the storms will refire this afternoon. it's likely any time after 3:00 in the afternoon. it'll be pretty active. burlington, new york city. yeah. you're making plans now, right? if you're around the times square area, just know that there will be storms around later this afternoon. into the northwest. how about mountain snow? do you think that's possible? it is when you look at the mountains east of the seattle area. in those mountains at about 6,500 feet we're beginning to find snowflakes today. temperatures will warm up into tomorrow. that's the weather around
8:08 am
>> and how could you not proclaim it north carolina day here at times square with the entire state here. right now it's back to -- >> all: lara. >> love it. thank you, ladies. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu. emily gets her happy ending. "the bachelorette" is with us live this morning. oh, yeah, and the new fiance. and the beauty treatment that gives you an alleged instant facelift for $25. we will explain. and buckle up. we're taking you on a wild ride on one of the world's flashiest new scream machines ever. that's all coming up. on "good morning america."
8:09 am
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♪ markers, calculators. whoa! ♪ ♪ converse one start tennies ♪ well, pencils, hair gel, binders. ♪ ♪ pencils, hair gel, binders. announcer: school takes a lot, target has it all. [ cheers and applause ] "bachelorette" emily finally got her happily ever after. the single mom from north carolina gave out her last rose, choosing 27-year-old entrepreneur jef holm. who proposed in a romantic blockbuster finale. can't wait to talk to them live in just a moment. looking so happy this morning. first, a reminder of how out all happened. >> i'm completely, completely smitten by her. >> she's the love of my life. >> reporter: in a finale overflowing with emotion, single
8:14 am
mom emily maynard had to choose between two bachelors fighting for her heart. jef, the 27-year-old entrepreneur. and arie, the 30-year-old race car driver. >> i really have fallen in love with two different guys. >> but there was one other decisionmaker left to meet. emily's 6-year-old daughter, ricki. >> i want you to see that side of me. i want you to see her. can you say hey, this is my friend, jef. >> reporter: goggles on, hearts melted. decision made. >> i need to tell arie that, you know, as much as i love him, i just have fallen in love with someone a little bit more. >> reporter: so on the eve of what could have been -- >> tomorrow, i am getting engaged. >> reporter: emily ended it. >> i don't know what to say. >> don't say anything. i'll go. >> will you wait for me? >> there's nothing to say. i am [ bleep ] confused. >> reporter: but the bachelorette was totally
8:15 am
confident. >> i really do feel like you're my soulmate. >> i found my everything. and i promise you, emily, if you let me into your life, you'll never feel lonely ever again. >> reporter: and jef, never more sure. >> what i want to ask you is a forever thing. will you marry me? >> yes. >> yes. >> i got nervous there for a minute. joining us live from los angeles to talk about their happy news are the beautiful engaged couple, emily and jef. congratulations to you two. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> so, emily, you left him hanging there for a split second. >> i know. i've taken a lot of heat for it, too. trust me. >> what was going on, running through your mind at that moment? >> well, i mean, it was kind of
8:16 am
a surprise because we never really talked about an engagement, even though i should have known. really, i just wanted to soak in the moment and, like, really make a decision from my heart and, like, you know, just take in the moment and -- and -- and remember it. >> and how about you, jef? were those the longest few seconds of your life? >> oh, my gosh. by far. the longest few moments of my life. i felt like i was sitting down there forever. you know, it was a big decision. i hadn't told anyone i was going to propose to her, including her. so it came as a shock to her, totally. >> i want to talk to you about beautiful little ricki. i know when you introduced jef, emily, you called him your friend. what does she know about all of this that's happened? tell us how she's doing. >> she's doing great. she's in west virginia with my mom, getting spoiled rotten. and right now, she knows that jef is a huge part of my life
8:17 am
and her life, you know, soon. i didn't want to burden her with too much. because it was still a secret. god knows she's the worst secret keeper ever. so now that we can be out in public, she's going to know. >> amazing. tell us about the wedding plans. how far along are you? tell us the details. >> well, we're taking it day by day and obviously, like, i'm a girl to a fault. so i've been looking up dresses and places and everything online and buying every wedding magazine in the grocery store. but we're just kind of taking it day by day right now. >> the plan, according -- that we understand is that you're going to move in together? you're going to start in charlotte? >> i'm going to move to charlotte, yeah. but i'm going to get a separate place there. we're going to combine our lives. i'm going to hang out with ricki all the time and become a carpool dad. we're just going to, you know, live our lives together and get kind of accustomed with each other and then plan a wedding.
8:18 am
and then when we get married move in together and figure out where we want to be as a family. >> some people are so cynical about the number of weddings that have worked through "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" series. why is yours going to make it and go the distance? >> i think that that's a question everybody asks themselves every time they get into a relationship. i thing that ours is going to work because we really have become, like, immediate best friends. and i feel so comfortable around him. it's different than any relationship i've ever been in. hopefully, the outcome will be different, too. >> i want to thank you both, emily, especially you, for allowing us to follow your journey. we've really fallen in love with you not only at "good morning america" but also in america. we wish nothing but the best for ricki and you both in this new chapter in your lives. >> thank you so much. thank you for having us this morning. >> a wonderful romance. stay in touch with us. let us know how it's going. >> for sure. >> we will. >> all right. terrific.
8:19 am
and robin? >> maybe a followup on "gaa." >> yeah, don't you think? >> we wish them the very best. don't you? our audience, they're flawless. they're beautiful. they're perfect. would not change a thing. but word on the street is, a facelift can cost thousands of dollars. botox can cost hundreds. when we heard about a product that supposedly does the job for $25 with no injections, we had to find someone to find that out. so we sent abc's paula faris to check it out. >> reporter: wrinkled foreheads, saggy eyelids, americans spent nearly $10 billion last year to tighten their droopy skin. but what if you could change all of that with just $25. >> your face just feels like it's taut. >> reporter: this little device is a facelift in a jar. made from just two combs and a bungee cord. >> it's easily inserted. it's easily removable. i can insert it in 30 seconds.
8:20 am
i can take it out in less than ten seconds. >> reporter: look at this woman before. and now using the device. this booming bungee business is the brainchild of kim aschauer. were did you get this idea? >> my son was getting married. i went for plastic surgery consultation. and the price was outrageous. so i created this out of pure panic. >> reporter: here's how it works. first, make two small braids at each temple. fashion the first comb, bring the bungee cord around, fasten the other comb to the second braid. voila. ten years off your face. but how does it feel? so five hours into the product am i going to have to take an aspirin or tylenol? >> no, it doesn't cause any more pain that a pony tail headache. >> reporter: the only side effect melissa wexler sees is looking ten years younger. a mother and boutique owner, she
8:21 am
first used the facelift bungee at a wedding. >> i just felt like i looked stressed and tired. when i heard about it, i thought, i have to give this a try. it was great. >> reporter: do you get comments from people? that ask you what kind of skin care you're using? >> it's like, oh, your skin looks so great. did you cut your hair? they never really know what it is. >> reporter: here's melissa before. and here she is using the bungee. it honestly makes a huge difference. >> a huge difference. >> reporter: now it's my turn. the lovely fabiola will be braiding my coif. the key is a really tight braid, i'm told. where do you notice the difference? >> right here. this area. your cheekbone pull a little bit right there. >> reporter: can i pass for being a 20-year-old again? >> i would say 24. >> reporter: oh, sweet. apparently i'm not the only one who likes looking 24 again. a little device striking a cord with women everywhere. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, florida. >> paula looks great as always.
8:22 am
and the technique has been a well-kept secret in hollywood for decades. marlene dietrich was said to have used similar techniques to pull her face tighter. >> paula doesn't need that. she looks great. ready for extreme roller coters? let's do it. let's go. we've already seen this series. the latest rides, wilder, faster and go much higher than ever before. the latest seaworld attraction. >> reporter: destination, seaworld, san diego. when you come to seaworld, you expect to see this. shamu. dolphi dolphins. all things water all the time. [ screaming ] >> reporter: but now, people are flocking to the park to try this. it's called manta. a european-designed roller coaster that cost tens of millions of dollars to build. it is already paying big-time dividends.
8:23 am
350,000 people have taken a ride in the first month alone. >> i've heard a lot about it. >> and it's brand-new. >> it slows you down and then it, like, blasts you off. >> reporter: "gma" got exclusive access to manta, and three kids took one lucky correspondent along for the ride of his life. first things first, a 48-inch minimum height requirement. manta, baby! we all loaded in. little lexi was riding shotgun with me. i'm a little nervous. are you a little nervous? >> no. >> reporter: i'm just kidding. i'm not nervous-nervous. here we go. but no time for nerves. we were off. and right away, you see what is different about manta. >> after your load on to the train, go into our launch building, and you're immediately enve lopped into a 270 degree high definition screen. we have 22 high-def projectors. 24 times greater than the average hd. it's projecting the image of a
8:24 am
coral reef. you're underwater. manta rays start to appear from behind the reef. they start swimming faster and they get bigger. the music gets louder. it builds to a crescendo. >> reporter: suddenly, the doors open, you're launched out of the tunnel. and i mean launched. you go from zero to max speed in two seconds flat. with a maximum speed of 43 miles per hour, it is never dull. well, almost never. oh, we're done. it's not over! >> like, in the middle of the ride, it slows you down and then blasts you off again. >> reporter: psych! there is, after all, 2,835 feet of track. a little more than half a mile in all. twists and turns that leave you gasping for air. whoo! and remember that manta scene? they've also built 100,000 gallon pool attached to the ride where guests can get up close and personal and actually touch
8:25 am
more than 60 bat rays. the real attraction here is the ride. and 1,360 people an hour are probably not coming to pet bat rays. they're coming for the ride of their lifetime. this is not your father's seaworld, san diego. whoo! >> cameron mathison, victorious on the manta. when we come back, what do dr. oz's nurses really think about him? you see him there. we're going to go find out. we'll be right back. we'll find out. we'll be right back.
8:26 am
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8:29 am
upper 50s this city mid 60s east bay system offshore will be bringing cool marine air inland upper 80s to near 90 in concord. 76 palo alto. >> stay tuned for a liv this is an abc news special report. tragedy in colorado. >> good morning to you, diane sawyer here with george stephanopoulos. we want to take you right to the arapahoe county courtroom. because there you see james holmes, of course, the suspect in the movie theater massacre. his public defender has just risen. the judge in this case is judge william sylvester. let's listen. >> you have the right to remain silent. you make any statements, they can be used against you.
8:30 am
you have a right to be represented by an attorney. if you cannot afford one, the statutory guidelines appoint one to represent you at no cost to yourself. any plea you make must be voluntary, not the result of undue influence or coercion. technically you have a right to be advised of the charges. you have a right to be advised of the charges. you've committed the offense of first-degree murder, a class one felony of the colorado law. ordinary individuals are entitled to bail. given the nature of the charges you are currently being held on a no bond hold. you have the right to a jury trial and preliminary hearing to determine whether there's probable cause to believe that you're the person that committed the offense. mr. holmes, do you have any questions about that initial advicemead adviseme advisement? >> judge, we've advised mr.
8:31 am
holmes to waive further advisement at this moment. >> crhp 110-01, mandatory protection order, a violation of protection order be constituted in criminal defense and/or contempt of court. you shall not harass, intimidate, retaliate against or tamper with any witness to or victim of the act you were charged of committing. you should stay away from the homes of the victims and stay away from any of the places the victims are likely to be found. you shall refrain from contacting directly or indirectly communicating with the victims. shall not possess a firearm or other weapon. shall not possess alcoholic beverage or other substances and not commit any new offenses. ms. pearson, if you'd approach, please.
8:32 am
just sign your protection order. take a copy to mr. holmes and acknowledge his receipt on the record. >> we are asking for an extended period of time. 72 hours. we would be requesting until next monday. >> we do not object to that. >> if i may approach, your honor, i do have an application if i can get your signature. >> okay. >> your honor, at that time we will also file an amendment to the protection order that lists all the victims in this case. >> the court has signed the
8:33 am
application to appoint a public defender. public defender is appointed. set the matter for monday, july 30th, 9:30 in this division. given the nature of the charges and the likely numerous pleadings, i'm entering an initial case management order. did council receive a copy of that? >> yes, your honor. >> mrs. pearson, did you receive a copy? >> we did not, your honor. >> we'll make sure you get a copy. thankfully what that's going to do is in order to track the pleadings, all people's filings will be kept in a p with a sequential number thereafter. i will identify my filings or orders with a "c."
8:34 am
in that we've had some filings already, the initial case management order, which i've captioned c-2. i'd like to recap them, make sure i'm not missing anything. so far we've got c-1 which is the emc decorum order that i issued. we've got the ty, which is the motion to seal the search warrant affidavit ordered in the case file filed by the people. i did grant that. we've got outstanding d-1, which is a motion for access to and preservation of the crime scene which relates to access by the defense and their experts to the movie theater. we'll address that in a moment. we've got d-2 motion, limit pretrial publicity. along with that motion, i did receive a proposed order. however, i'm inclined to go ahead and just track rule 3.6
8:35 am
and 3.8 of the rules of professional conduct. ms. pearson? >> if you're at home you can hear that the audio is cutting in and out. let's recap what's happening here with judge william sylvester. we are looking at james holmes still with the strange red hair. expressi expressionless except it seems his head seems to be nodding. >> his eyes go wide and close for several seconds. he really seems out of it, diane. we only know what we're seeing right now. we don't know what's going on in that courtroom. he does seem to be just completely out of touch. >> bring in our legal analyst, dan abrams. what we're looking at now is just an advisement. it is a first appearance. it's not a formal charge.
8:36 am
he will not plead guilty, not guilty? >> that's right. this is just to let him know, in essence, why are you here? why have you been arrested? they've told him that. his lawyer said, we've already advised him of that. but when you look at his face, wow. i mean, at times expressionless. at times, as you put it, almost seems like he's dozing off. this is going to create an important legal question which is, is he competent to stand trial? remember, when we talk about the insanity defense, a totally separate issue. competence to stand trial means can you communicate with your lawyers? do you understand the proceedings against you and either intentionally or unintentionally, he sure looks like someone -- >> that bar is generally very low. >> very low. you just have to be able to communicate. >> occasionally this video freezes up out of this courtroom. it's being sent straight out of the courtroom. he does have a public defender. we do not know yet if they will charge with the death penalty. we can assume given that the
8:37 am
accusation against him, that it will be a real consideration. >> the d.a. said -- carol chambers said she is considering it. right now she wants to consult with the victims' families. the judge said they'll be back in court next monday. >> what the judge is going through all of the various motions he has in front of him. most of them are pretty standard. the one interesting one is the fact the defense is going to get access to the movie theater probably tomorrow. that's pretty unusual. that a crime scene that the movie theater company has not gotten back yet. they're going to get access to a pretty pristine crime scene. >> i want to bring in david muir who is there at the scene. he was brought here, david, through an underground tunnel? >> reporter: he was, diane. in fact, he's been held at the county jail here in isolation. they brought him through the underground tunnel right into the courthouse here behind me. to give you an idea of what's going on inside, you're seeing that in the courtroom there's an overflow room for victims' families who wanted to come see him firsthand.
8:38 am
i can't underscore what it must be like for this community still so raw to see the suspect in that courtroom with that fiery hair that he dyed. we had heard that from authorities. now we're seeing it play out in that courtroom. i wanted to tell you about the d.a. in this case, carol chambers. george mentioned she discussed the possibility of the death penalty as she headed into the courthouse today. but to give you a little bit of perspective, there are three people on death row here in the state of colorado. two of them were put there by carol chambers' team. we know her history here. she said she'll discuss that with the families. and the police chief here telling me in the last 24 hours that that suspect as we see there in court with his head down, he's not talking. nor are his parents. the parents not cooperating at this point. >> that's what i was going to ask you. first of all, we don't know his father, who was presumed to be flying to colorado. is there somewhere in the courtroom. and also he's been held in solitary confinement. so we have no idea if he met with his parents, anything at
8:39 am
all? >> reporter: i did ask the police chief has the father seen his son? the police chief looked me right in the eye and said, all i can tell you is the father is not cooperating with us. it is believed that the father did make his way here from california. obviously, we believe perhaps the mother is still back in san diego. but the police chief told me when he saw the video that abc news obtained in the last 24 to 48 hours, that exclusive video of james holmes at 18 years old when he looked so different with such promise at that science camp, the chief looked at me and said, that's the wrap on this guy. he's a very smart young man. very intelligent. he said the reason i know that is what i saw in that apartment. he said, he had never seen anything like that before. >> dan, i want to ask you, too, because we continue to look at his face. what kind of medication do they give if you're in solitary confinement after an event like this? >> the only kind of medication would be medication that was absolutely necessary. and we don't know the exact
8:40 am
medication that he's on. again, either this is intentional or unintentional in the way that he's appearing in that courtroom. to follow up on something david was talking about which is the death penalty, there is no question in my mind that he's going to face the death penalty. if there's a death penalty in the state of colorado, if there is, there may be only three people on death row, this has every aggravating factor that you could be looking for in connection with that. >> he talked about the bar for whether he's competent to stand trial. that is quite different from the insanity defense he may file. >> that's right. competence to stand trial is really about are we ready to bring you to trial? and the question there is really can you talk to your lawyers? do you understand what's happening? that's a really low bar. but when you look at him in that courtroom right now, it seems to me that's going to be a question. >> dan, interesting, when the judge addressed holmes, he didn't answer. we heard instead from the attorney. >> it is interesting to me that he is communicating with his lawyers.
8:41 am
again, that's -- that's significant. >> now we see him rise. head out of the courtroom. again, that expression on his face. could we put up a split screen? i'm going to ask our producer to do this. because we have obtained this exclusive video of him in high school. and it is so hard not to keep asking. whether we'll get an answer, we don't know. of him as he was in high school. and we see him now today. if we could do that. just to see the video again of the last time we saw him, the last time we saw him speak, and, again, this is when he was at a science fair. >> articulate. >> completely. >> i want to just emphasize, again, how important i think it is that he was talking to his lawyers. i mean, they're going over and communicating with him. that's one of the tests for competence to stand trial. can you communicate with your lawyers and understand the
8:42 am
proceedings against you. >> i want to ask you also, da dan -- >> that's right. there's no such thing as parental privilege. there is a spousal privilege in most states. but parents don't have the right not to testify against their kids. but the fact that they're not, quote, cooperate ing, meaning they're not being helpful in connection with this investigation, is significant. they don't have a legal right to be helpful. but they will have a legal right ultimately to testify in connection with this. >> one of the most significant things the investigators found after they blew up that booby trap in holmes's apartment, the computer. are we learning anything more
8:43 am
about the computer at this point? >> we're told the computer has been taken to a forensic lab. we're trying to find out where. i was told they have to be very careful in trying to get inside of that computer. they don't know if he set up firewalls or programs that would delete all the files before they could actually get to them. so that is really key, though, because they are hoping that will give some insight into what took him to the dark side. they also found very interesting paraphernalia in his apartment. a batman mask, a batman poster. they think that shows his obsession, again, with the comic book character. >> in the early hours after this happened on friday we were first told he gave himself up peacefully, easily. do investigator now believe he actually had an escape plan? >> unclear on that. we're told what happened is that he came out of the theater, had still -- had on all the tactical gear. that police saw him. and at that point most of the weapons were in the theater according to my sources.
8:44 am
the shotgun, ar-15 rifle and pistol that had an extended clip. those were in the theater. so when he encountered police it was a very quiet turn over into custody. >> i want to go back to david muir on the scene there. p as you said, david, i keep thinking about the families of the victims, the families of those who were wounded watching this, hearing this today. >> reporter: well, i talked to so many families here as you know, diane, since we arrived here friday morning. all of them have said repeatedly that what they would like to do is turn the focus away from the suspect. i think a lot of folks dealing today with the need to see him, to see him in that courtroom, begin to go down this road of justice for them. while at the same time, this comes less than 24 hours after that very powerful, emotional vigil here in aurora with crowds swe swelling, the visit from president obama. the police chief actually telling me when the call came in
8:45 am
that initial night about the massacre inside that movie theater, he got a call from his wife. his own teenage daughter was at a midnight showing of batman across town. he wasn't sure of that until he got confirmation. he like all the parents here said as soon as he saw his daughter, he held her. and so many families have been doing that for, really, three days now. >> of course, president obama came here yesterday. he said as a father and a husband, neither he nor the governor would even speak the name of the suspect. >> dan, one more thought before we let everyone return to their regular programming about what you saw in this courtroom. >> we saw someone who is either on purpose or through no control of his own appearing very out of it. this defendant in court at times looking like he was sleeping. at times looking like he didn't know what was going on. that's a very important legal question that will have to be determined. which is, is he mentally prepared to stand trial?
8:46 am
very low standard. very rare someone is determined to be incompetent to stand trial. but as i looked inside that courtroom, that's the first question that i was thinking about. >> that's exactly what i thought. i have not seen someone act this way in a courtroom before. but dan asked the right question. is it intentional or is that the way he is right now? >> and the decision, i assume the decision to keep that red hair. to keep the red hair which, if this is, again, still an alleged situation, that that's what everybody remembers from that night. again, we're going to return you to your regular programming right now. for those of you on the west coast, that will be "good morning america." we'll have the latest breaking details throughout the day on full wrap-up tonight on "world news." i'll see you then. all of us at abc news, thank you for joining us.
8:47 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> the meatball boys are back. daniel holzman, michael chernow. not surprisingly, we're cooking meatballs today. what are you bringing us first? >> one of the most popular
8:48 am
-- one of the sleepers at the restaurant, one of the most popular dishes amongst the people in the know, chicken meatballs. you go to the meatball shop, you think beef meat balls, once you try the chicken meatballs, that's it. >> let me get going here. you guys, best friends since high school. how did the meatball love, how did you find that over, like, in an algebra class. >> simple. it's simple. keep it simple. everyone will follow. we've been working in restaurants for years and years. we wanted to do something easy. the meatball is a vehicle. >> it's going to be one good bite. right? you can venture. here you go. what's going in there? >> these are classic italian ingredients. parsley, oregano. ground fennel seed. a little bit of white wine. >> careful. >> it's early. >> i'm getting ready to dive in. >> you could use a spoon.
8:49 am
honestly, that's not going to do it any good. >> when i'm mixing, you want it -- >> you don't have to be afraid to overmix it. look at the size of the guy. >> look at this. wow. >> as we move along, that's what it will look like. >> basically, you've done a great job. you've done a semigreat job here. you'll come up with something that looks exactly like this. >> how are you guys actually making the perfect meatball? the one meatball. >> god's gift. there's no substitute. you're just going to give it a mix. mix and roll. a little mix and roll. >> this man is good with his hands. >> these are a little stickier than normal. >> am i taking my ring off and getting dirty? i love you, donna, but i'm going to take that off for a minute. >> it's not just a chicken meatball.
8:50 am
it's going to be coming with what? >> these chicken meatballs are coming with -- we do a pesto sauce at the restaurant. the pesto is -- sir. we are in the hospitality industry. we do a spinach-basil pesto. you want to blanch it in boiling water for a good minute. you want to cook it through. flash it in some ice so it stops the cooking process. you basically want to -- once they're blanched, they look like that. pop the spinach in. pop the basil in. the olive oil. >> nice. >> let her go. >> can't have too much. >> drop the top on this guy. >> it's as simple as that? >> and then let it go. you let it go. then, of course, once that's gone, you want to add your walnuts. >> the walnut, yeah. >> chopped walnuts. you want to chop them first.
8:51 am
then you want to add your parmesan cheese. >> and a little salt. >> and then your salt. and then, voila, simple as that. pulse just a few time. texture. and then, papow. there you go. spinach pesto. >> i find a little pesto goes a long way. >> it can go a very, very long way. >> okay. it's not all we have. but wait, there's more. sneak knives and -- >> meatball smash is one of the most popular dishes. we've got these brioche buns. we put the meatballs -- smash them down with mozzarella cheese. you've got to take a bite of that. i promise you won't forget it. >> my life's about to change. >> oh, that's a good bite, everybody! that's a good bite. >> wow. >> thank you so much. >> again, recipes from the book are available at at yahoo!.
8:52 am
this is the greatest thing i have ever had in my life. we'll be right back, guys. thank you. guys. thank you, so much.
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8:54 am
thank you, all. come back tomorrow. will ferrell is going to be here. >> if you notice i was on my ps
8:55 am
and qs. two of my favorite teachers are here. linda and karen. got a big convention in town. so i was being it shall -- did i say that right? >> you were being very well behaved today. >> yes, i was.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. a san jose casino owner is expected to find out today whether the police chief will permit him to open. it has been months of delays for the owner who planned to shutdown his existing casino and open up matrix in april. the police chief had concerns over security and safety. >> let's get your forecast. sunshine fremont and mountain view in the low 60s. some of this fog cooler air will be making its way inland four to eight degrees cooler than yesterday, everywhere that continues through the week. no this case, not much at the bay bridge toll.
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